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LMK Human Resource Management Systems

By using the latest technology, LMK Employee Management has created 3 Human Resource platforms designed specifically for business who need to manage their workforce.

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LMK Recruitment System

The LMK Recruitment Management System (LMK RMS) is an incredibly user-friendly recruitment management system and has been designed to simplify and automate many of the tasks and processes associated with candidate recruiting and hiring.

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LMK Employment Equity Software

An Employment Equity Software solution designed specifically for Organizations that have to comply with the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1988.

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LMK Employee Management is a software company based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa. LMK Employee Management was created out of a need within Organisations Human Resource Structures as these HR Structures were not being managed as effectively as they should, which resulted in poor management of staff and unnecessary expenses to which the business owner had to contribute financially. We provide the ideal solution for enterprises looking for an inexpensive way to effectively manage these HR structures and develop their human resources.

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