December 12, 2017

About Frontline SHEQ Solutions


As an Occupational Risk Management Company, our mission is to provide SME’s with access to cost effective, value adding and innovative Occupational Risk Management Solutions. The objective is to assist Companies to comply with legislation at the very least, and where required, International Standards. FRONTLINE SHEQ SOLUTIONS is an innovative and progressive Risk Management Company. We provide historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs, existing SME’s, emerging entrepreneurs and future economic role-players with an enabling legal environment, which will enable them to capitalize on good business opportunities and thereby laying the foundations for their sustainability.


General Industry

We have to make it more cost effective and easier for businesses to become formal. With a specific focus on historically disadvantaged SME’s and emerging young entrepreneurs, FRONTLINE SHEQ SOLUTIONS aims to empower these SME’s to access the economy and compete commercially on an equal footing with established businesses.


We have, among other, also taken a particular interest in the Health and Safety of schools in South Africa.We recognize that the enhancement and empowerment of teaching staff within the Educational system is of utmost importance to ensure the Health and Safety of learners and other members of staff.

Risk Management

Frontline SHEQ Solutions has recognised the need for quick and easier methods of management within the Risk environment. Fantastic management software tools have been developed for this purpose e.g. on Risk Assessments and Compliance status.


Most businesses are finding it more difficult than ever to manage certain areas of compliance with the OHSA. Certain functions may well be outsourced to external consultants, but responsibilities may and cannot be outsourced. Our consultants may offer their services on a monthly retainer to your company where needed.


We have recently strategically aligned ourselves with People Certification in order to offer you accredited SHEQ courses. Through our association with People Certification, we are now able to facilitate in-house or publically, a variety of SAQA accredited courses through the HWSETA.


As a result of the exuberant cost of consultancy when implementation of SHE systems are concerned, we have developed a number of software kits which offers the SME massive savings. A large portion of the business pie in South Africa, consists of small to medium enterprises (SME) who cannot afford to comply with the OHSA. Now they can!


LMK Employee Management is proudly associated with SHEQ Frontline Solutions