LMK Max is an extendable version of LMK Plus and is used by Organisations growing out of LMK Plus, or for organisations that need a comprehensive 11 module HR platform.
LMK Max offers superior HR Management and boasts the following modules;

1) Admin – This is where you set up the LMK HR System according to your company’s standards and
set parameters as to who can use the LMK HR System and who may not use the LMK HR System
according to certain permissions.

2) Employee – This is where you manage each employee’s Personal Details, Employee Movement
within your organisation, Employee Training, Employee Qualifications, Employee Memberships,
Who the Employee Reports to, Employee’s Job Details, Employee Disciplinary Record track keeping
and custom reports. Furthermore, the LMK HR System allows you to upload pdf documents (i.e.
Signed employment contract, signed written warnings, employee detail confirmation, etc.) to be
stored on the employee’s profile.

3) Disciplinary Tracking – This module allows you to track and maintain all disciplinary action and
CCMA matters in chronological order without fear of losing signed disciplinary documents.

4) Leave – This module allows you to configure your company’s different types of leave and entitle this
leave to your staff. Your staff may request and apply online for their own leave and management
may assign leave to employees who have requested for leave online or by means of a leave
application form which was handed to their line manager. Management may assign or decline
employee leave for those who have applied. Furthermore, the LMK HR System allows you to upload
all approved written leave application forms which will be stored on the employee’s profile.

5) ESS – Short for Employee Self Service. This module allows employees to update their personal
details online as to keep it up to date as well as to apply for their leave entitlements online.

6) E-mail Reminders – The LMK HR System generates automated email templates which provides
feedback and informs management of certain events, such as;

  • when accrued leave has not yet been taken by a specific employee
  • The The LMK System will notify management three-days prior to an employee commencing his/her leave entitlement
  • LMK System will notify management one-day prior of the return of an employee back from his/her leave entitlement
  • 35 days before an employee’s fixed-term employment contract is about to expire
  • 60 days before an employee’s drivers licence is about to expire
  • 90 days before an employee’s passport is about to expire

This much needed feedback allows managers to manage their human resources more effectively.

7) Reports – You can easily extract reports into an excel spread sheet (csv file)

8) Time in Attendance – Allows your staff to clock in and out online. Reporting features such as
Employee Attendance and Attendance Summary. This module also allows you to import your
attendance data into a csv file for printing purposes.

9) Performance – This module keeps track of and allows you to conduct performance reviews on your
staff. You can capture all the key performance indicators (KPI’s) for a specific review and then add
and save a review or several reviews and then view them at a later stage. This module also lets you
schedule evaluations for a future date in order for you to manage your review process more
effectively throughout the year. Employees who have access to the LMK HR System can also view
their performance evaluations under the “My Evaluations” tab.

10) Documents – This module contains the following sub-headings, Workplace Discipline – This is where
the company rules, types of warnings, Written Warning templates, types of suspensions, disciplinary
hearings, poor work performance and industrial action (strikes) information is stored on the LMK HR
System to assist the HR professional.

11) My Docs – The “My Docs” module is used specifically for the Organisation’s HR Documents in that
you can upload all the Company’s Employment Contract Templates, the Company’s Policies &
Procedures as well as any document related to the HR function within the Organisation. Now the
Organisation has one central point where any and all HR Documents can be saved and accessed.