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The LMK Recruitment Management System (LMK RMS) is an incredibly user-friendly recruitment management system and has been designed to simplify and automate many of the tasks and processes associated with candidate recruiting and hiring.
The LMK RMS provides a full suite of features to streamline the way Organisations / recruiters discover, track, and follow up with talent.
LMK RMS is a cloud-based solution, providing an easy way for Organisations / recruiters to manage candidate information from anywhere globally with an Internet connection.
With the LMK RMS applicant communication is simplified and automated email templates give recruiters the tools they need to get in contact with each and every candidate, providing feedback and informing those that qualify of the organization’s next steps.
The Applicant Tracking System allows each resume and candidate profile to be viewed electronically by all members of the recruiting team. This eliminates the need for paper resumes, and ultimately leads to improved collaboration and feedback from your recruitment team.
All Applicants will be kept updated on their current application process through advanced automated e-mail template communication.

Key Points of the LMK RMS

• The LMK RMS is unique in that it’s designed to assist the recruiter to recognize qualified candidates as they apply, this can save recruiters valuable time sorting through each candidate’s information, and can highlight those applicants with the exact talents your Organisation needs.
• The LMK RMS has a comprehensive and very powerful search engine used to search for specific candidates.
• Allows both internal and external candidates to register and apply online and at the same time uploading all the requirements needed for the position. The Administrator simply short lists the Applicants based on the requirements uploaded by the Applicants. Fast | Easy!
• Helps the recruiter focus on finding the best people
Streamlines the entire hiring process
• The LMK RMS uses automated email messages to keep the Administrator as well as the Applicant updated with their recruitment process.
• The LMK RMS is hosted in the cloud (internet) and can be used by all branches.
• Users have different levels of access depending on their branch and level within the Organisation.
• The LMK RMS is easy to use, with extensive validation, as users sometimes do not have a lot of experience with computer systems.
• The LMK RMS contains Job enquiry lists that enable users to easily see which job enquiries are in progress, and when they are due to be completed.
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